Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hide and Seek

I get a text message from a co-worker of mine this evening.

Stacey: Jeremy asked if you were single.

Me: Please tell me you told him I was taken. You know I'm not interested.

Stacey: I know but its funny for me. I told him you were single and looking.

Me: Tell me you're joking.

Stacey: I wish I was.

Me: Ahhhh

Stacey: He said he is going to ask you out.

Me: Tell me you're joking.

Stacey: No. I laughed and told him we all knew he had the hots for you.

Me: Yay! Now I have two people to avoid at work. Sugar daddy and Jeremy.

Stacey: You love the attention.

Me: I like it till it gets serious. I can't help it if I'm irresistable.

Stacey: You wish.

Me: I'm never flirting again. It's evil.

So it seems I'm going to get asked out. I personally believe I'm very good at avoiding people. I think I could possibly avoid him for the next few weeks. He's nice enough (the same guy I've mentioned a couple of times before). But I'm not interested. I'm moving far away soon so there is no point starting something. He's ok looking. The part that scares me is that on his myspace (yes I stalked him - but he stalked me first) it say's he's really into emo's and goths etc. This shocked me for two reasons. He is not emo/goth and I am not emo/goth. My second thought was would he want to die my hair black and put eyeliner on me? I don't have the skin tone to pull off black hair.

Do I change my relationship status to 'In a relationship' to get him to back off. Do I tell him I'm leaving and there's no point. Or do just be honest and say I'm not interested. I think I already have the answer. HIDE and avoid confrontation. A part of me just wants to get laid (pun intended) but I don't want to lead him on.

I will update you on how things turn out.


P.S. Check out Mad Old Blog written by Peter. He's started done his first two posts so pop on over and say hi!

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Tyler said...

hmm. stacey seems like a bit of a bitch.

maybe just tell him ur gonna be moving so you cant get into a relationship...and blame it ALL on stacey for lyeing, lol

on a side note, do you know where in canada you're going to be moving?

naturgesetz said...

Hiding is best. LOL

But if you can't hide long enough, tell him *both* — you're not interested, sorry, and you'll be leaving soon so it wouldn't have worked anyway. Just don't let him know where you're going.

Come to think of it, just tell him you're not interested.

Peter said...

Thanks for the link to my blog - much appreciated :)

Hiding is probably the easiest solution, but in the long term, the hardest.

It's probably best just to let him down gently - tell him you'll be moving, and that you don't want to get involved with someone before you move, as the last thing you want is for yourself or him to be heartbroken when the breakup inevitably comes.

At least this way, you'd be looking out for yourself, and for him ;)

Baz said...

Hopefully not too long for you to hide?

Lotsa Luv.

cvn70 said...


You are moving to canada that a big change, but i would just tell him the truth thanks but no thanks

take care and be safe


keliss said...


Which part?