Sunday, July 12, 2009

I wish I was a butterfly! A social one.

Uh! I'm so frustrated with myself right now! I need to be more social! I had several offers to go out tonight after I finished work tonight and I ended up 'piking' on them all. I also did this after I made plans with one of my friends to go out. My friend was so angry with me and now I feel terrible.

I work in a bar. I serve people alcohol. I see them dance. I see them get intoxicated and I sometimes get abused by people when I cut them off from the bar. I see them drunk. I see them make a fool of themselves. All of this while at work. Why would I want to be in that environment when I'm not working? I love to drink and party but at the moment I just want to have 'quiet' drinks at someones place or just chill out. I'm on my feet for 10 - 15 hours a day. I don't want to go to a bar and stand for hours and hours!

My friends who all work office ours do not understand this. They sit at a desk all day. I never want to be social at normal social hours. If I get a day off it is like a Wednesday. Dam hospitality!

I know its not just cause of work. I need to be more social in general. More spontaneous! I'm 21 and worry about arriving at work with a hangover. Its not like I don't have the opportunity its just I don't feel like it. Its Saturday night (well early Sunday now) and I'm at home and blogging. My life is so sad.


jlo said...

I know exactley how you feel. I work in a cafe and I never want to eat out just stay home where it is quiet love and hugs

naturgesetz said...

Having the two factors work together to make you want to stay home is a bit of a problem. You understand why your friends want to go to bars. They should be able to understand why you don't. But that doesn't change what they enjoy. (And once you tell someone you'll go out with them, you really should, unless an emergency comes up — so your friend has good cause to be angry with you.)

Is there a way you can make a suggestion for something that you would find tolerable before they come up with something you won't want to do? Maybe you can force yourself to accept these invitations occasionally and other times do what you prefer.

The trouble with just wanting to spend quiet evenings at home is it doesn't get you to meet other people who like the same thing. Maybe you can get into some sort of group or activity on your days off — an organization that does something you like — where you at least have a chance of meeting compatible people, making new friends to supplement the old ones.

Anonymous said...

I can't better the logic which 'n' adds to this.

Mind you - I'm sure you can see that for yourself.

Baz said...

I've nothing to add to NG's thoughts on this.

Don't hold your breath for a follow-up mail.


Antony said...

I used to work in a hospital and did shift work. I always seemed to work at the weekend. My friends all 9-5 Mon-Fri.

It can be most annoying at times. :P Got a much better community job now with better hours.


A x

cvn70 said...


i agreelook fo ra social group that ios not intersting in drinking and bars

find a bf so you dont have to go out is another suggestion :D

take care and be safe