Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hide and Seek

I get a text message from a co-worker of mine this evening.

Stacey: Jeremy asked if you were single.

Me: Please tell me you told him I was taken. You know I'm not interested.

Stacey: I know but its funny for me. I told him you were single and looking.

Me: Tell me you're joking.

Stacey: I wish I was.

Me: Ahhhh

Stacey: He said he is going to ask you out.

Me: Tell me you're joking.

Stacey: No. I laughed and told him we all knew he had the hots for you.

Me: Yay! Now I have two people to avoid at work. Sugar daddy and Jeremy.

Stacey: You love the attention.

Me: I like it till it gets serious. I can't help it if I'm irresistable.

Stacey: You wish.

Me: I'm never flirting again. It's evil.

So it seems I'm going to get asked out. I personally believe I'm very good at avoiding people. I think I could possibly avoid him for the next few weeks. He's nice enough (the same guy I've mentioned a couple of times before). But I'm not interested. I'm moving far away soon so there is no point starting something. He's ok looking. The part that scares me is that on his myspace (yes I stalked him - but he stalked me first) it say's he's really into emo's and goths etc. This shocked me for two reasons. He is not emo/goth and I am not emo/goth. My second thought was would he want to die my hair black and put eyeliner on me? I don't have the skin tone to pull off black hair.

Do I change my relationship status to 'In a relationship' to get him to back off. Do I tell him I'm leaving and there's no point. Or do just be honest and say I'm not interested. I think I already have the answer. HIDE and avoid confrontation. A part of me just wants to get laid (pun intended) but I don't want to lead him on.

I will update you on how things turn out.


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Sunday, July 12, 2009

I wish I was a butterfly! A social one.

Uh! I'm so frustrated with myself right now! I need to be more social! I had several offers to go out tonight after I finished work tonight and I ended up 'piking' on them all. I also did this after I made plans with one of my friends to go out. My friend was so angry with me and now I feel terrible.

I work in a bar. I serve people alcohol. I see them dance. I see them get intoxicated and I sometimes get abused by people when I cut them off from the bar. I see them drunk. I see them make a fool of themselves. All of this while at work. Why would I want to be in that environment when I'm not working? I love to drink and party but at the moment I just want to have 'quiet' drinks at someones place or just chill out. I'm on my feet for 10 - 15 hours a day. I don't want to go to a bar and stand for hours and hours!

My friends who all work office ours do not understand this. They sit at a desk all day. I never want to be social at normal social hours. If I get a day off it is like a Wednesday. Dam hospitality!

I know its not just cause of work. I need to be more social in general. More spontaneous! I'm 21 and worry about arriving at work with a hangover. Its not like I don't have the opportunity its just I don't feel like it. Its Saturday night (well early Sunday now) and I'm at home and blogging. My life is so sad.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Got any grapes?


So this is kind of a random post. A bit of something and nothing as another blogger says. (No link inserted to stop raising questions).

My thought of the day is: 'Is it ok to flirt for fun?'

I personally think its all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. In the hospitality industry some people can be extra helpful flirt for tips (here in Australia we don't have a compulsary tipping system) and it can sometimes be a bit of a sport between bar staff. I really cant flirt with women (who would want to) unless they are like really old and its not really flirting its just being cute and adorable lol.

Since coming out I can feel relaxed in my own skin and am now discovering that I kinda like flirting with the same sex. There is this one guy who isn't a customer but isn't a co-worker (its a long story) he's kinda cute if you justify a few things in your head. I know he's gay so that helps. I dunno what I'm doing because I'm not sure if I have intentions to take anything further or not. But I'm really enjoying the flirting but I think its at the point where it needs to stop before someone (he) gets hurt. The other day he offered to "give me a drink" as opposed to "buy me a drink" not really sure if it means the same thing.


Ok so its a little far in advance but DID YOU KNOW:



(I had a deep feeling that you just needed to know this)

Aren't you glad you read my blog?


Also I thought I would share 'The Duck Song'. I love this video. It's pretty random but quacks me up. Get it 'quacks'. Oh dear I'm so lame.

P.S. This is the first video I have embeded. It was surprisingly easy but its kinda too big. Whoops.