Thursday, April 30, 2009

Work Romance ... Hot or not?

I was totally oblivious to the fact but this guy has a total 'crush' on me. (I say crush as if I'm a giggly school girl). I mean it's not 'fact' but its pretty obvious to me now. It's the bar work I'm doing and he's one of my fellow staff.

He's new and he's been super super dooper nice to me. I always make an effort to get along with everybody so I thought because I was being welcoming that he had just appreciated this and was just reciprocating. Wrong!

It was brought to my attention tonight and now I can see what everyone is seeing. Lol everyone was paying me out and was like 'oooo he's in love with you Andrew'. Really embarrassing. I mean he's a sweet guy and fun to work with but just not the kind of person I'm looking for. I would normally love to be asked out or have someone who is 'keen' on me but I just find him creepy. I think its because I find work romance disgusting. I hate to watch two colleagues blossoming! I think I'm just bitter.

Im totally flattered and boy do I love to feel wanted. Now that I know I seriously love the attention but really all I can think is 'eww' or 'no'. Gosh I'm such a nice person. I think I have committent issues. As soon as I know I can have someone I'm just repusled. I think its just fun to flirt but when it becomes something more real I just put up a barrier.

I'm sounding cocky, for all I know he could just be a nice guy who wants nothing more than friendship but the facts are there (I won't go into detail) but surely I should let things play out and just see what happens? Right.

What do you guys think? Am I leading him on? I don't want to discuss this with him incase my co-workers/conscious is wrong. Should I just let things stay as and see what happens? Should I step away and put up a barrier? Or has my brain created this whole situation and there is nothing more than a healthy working relationship?

Comments, questions and concerns appreciated from all!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It feels good to be stimulated

Today I got stimulated by the Australian Government! Yep! I got a cheque for 900 big ones!
The purpose of this stimulus package is to inject money into the economy. I don't really know what to do with mine. I have everything I need and over the last few months I have become less and less materialistic. Don't get me wrong - It's great to be given this Government handout but I'm not gonna rush down to the shops to by a plasma tv.

I'm definitely moving overseas and it will probably happen in 8 - 10 weeks. So that's probably where this extra cash will go (probably not where the Government would like to see it go but its mine and I'll do what I like hehe) .

So you would think I would be bored outta my brains now that I'm not working but the thing is I have been working more than ever. I used to do bar work for a friend of mine who runs this club and he asked me to do some shifts for him Truth is bar work is a lot of fun and it doesn't pay half bad. I'm also going in to my previously employer twice this week (they just can't cope without me lol) to give further training to the idiot who replaced me. So keeping busy.

I was talking to Randy at Overrated Integrity on MSN before and I was saying that he had his own word/phrase which is 'EPIC' which he did say he stole from someone I can't remember who and at some point in the conversation is said 'furry muff' which I say all the time instead of 'fair enough' (and its funny how I say it all the time and the majority of people don't even notice). Randy said I should use it as my 'EPIC'. Lol but I don't know where or how I would use it. I don't think the majority of people who view my blog would like to be reminded of a furry muff.

I know I've had a few shoutouts on various blogs lately so thanks to anyone who takes the time to give me a plug. It means alot.

I'm off to go croc hunting as apparently this is what Aussies do.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Moo Moo Music!!

So... do I always start my posts with so? I think I do. I kinda write how I talk lol. I'm a typical Gen-Yer I'm constantly being told I say 'like' and 'so' all the time. It's something I need to correct as it can get on other peoples nerves. I've been having a few drinks and I thought I would write a post before the night is over.

I've been drinking with one of my housemates tonight. We couldn't be bothered going out so we just stayed at home and had a few too many vodkas...

The reason for this post is music. My housemates and I have very different music tastes. We would usually put on a mutual radio station/CD and hope for the best but I decided to put on the most played music from my ipod. I think that playing the music which is most played is a very personal thing. I love music. I fall asleep every night to music and I find music allows me to get emotional, excited and free. I like all kinds of music and I find it difficult to say I like one genre or another.

I really enjoyed sharing a part of myself with my housemate. We already know we have different tastes but it was good to share some of my most favourite songs. (Even if she didn't enjoy it)

Other than that I've been having a great weekend. Today is Anzac day (well yesterday was Anzac day since its after 12pm). Anzac day unites the people of Australia. Australia is an amazing country and I'm proud to be part of such a great community.

I hope you are all having a great weekend. I've had a few new followers over the last few days. Thanks for following my blog. Its great to know other people are out there.

Everyone feel free to add me on msn or shoot me an email ( Or leave a comment. I'm a little tipsy at the moment so I'm feeling friendly. Contact me, I'd love to hear from you :).

Thats all for now :)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

So.. Why did I start blogging again?

Baz asked me the other day why I started blogging again. It was a really good question to ask. I kinda know why I started blogging again subconsciously but to put it in words on the 'spot' kinda caught me off guard. What has changed in my life to want me to start again?

The main reason being I needed an outlet as many of us do. My only real outlet used to be porn *tee hee* but as good as porn is I was craving something more. So I don't know how I started reading blogs I must of stumbled upon them one day. A fair few of the blogs I would regularly read are the same blogs on my blog list. So sometime mid last year I started writing my blog. That was the time I came out to myself. I've got another story about that - I'll save that for another day. So I always knew I was gay but I think I was on holidays and I had alot of time to think and then BAM! One night while laying in bed I came out to myself. I sleep alot better now that I'm not fighting who I am.

So last time I started writing this blog and simply lost interest. I didn't reach out and connect with anyone. I wrote 4 posts and I think I got 7 hits (probably from me). This time around I reached out and I've felt nothing but welcome. I know there are some really nice people out there. So I'm here to stay this time. I've got some good things about to start happening in my life and I can't wait to share.

Thanks to Baz for inspiring this post.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Bad Car Karma

Went to start my car this morning. It made the saddest little noise. I was like ahhhhh! this is gonna cost me a fortune! I'm enjoying my unemployment (by choice i might add) and this totally does not fit into my budget!

Got the Racq out. Didn't cost much. Just needed a new battery. I think I have bad car karma. I was gonna get all sexy on the weekend and soap it down in my tight fitted white shirt but I didnt. And now my car has gotten revenge.

Revenge Tally:
Car 1
Andrew 0

Luckily I dont have a job. Its not like I had anywhere I urgently needed to be.

BTW I'm still building up my 'comment courage'. It kinda scares me to comment. Sad I know. You should all punish me by not giving me any comments and thus making me comment on your blogs to make sure you haven't actually forgotton about me .

Incredibly sore from the gym tonight. Can't imagine how I will feel tomorrow.

Congrats to me! This is my 6th post! Which beats my previous record. I'm enjoying blogging this time around. Yeow!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why do I love straight guys so much?

Howdy ya'll

Quick post this morning.

So I've been awake for over 24 hours now. Had a big night. Stayed out all night the sun came up and now I cant sleep. Had a blast. We took some straight guys home for a few more drinks after everything closed. Why do I love straight guys so much? Was it because they were hot guys and I was drunk? It was fun hanging out with them. Somehow we ended up watching porn together? So random. They were really cute though. I gotta get some sleep. I'll finish this post after a nanna nap lol.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Housemate issues & Random facts!

So as I write this post my housemate (who is one of my very good friends) is currently in her room with her ex boyfiend. By the way they broke up well over a year ago and this is still going on! I used to be friend with her ex but we don't get along these days. I just want him gone out of all our lives and he's just always in my life. Whether he's over at our house or he's trying to hit on my sister. And yes! my housemate and I have had countless discussions about how I don't want him here but she just won't have any of that. It's a lovely situation we have happening.

*takes deep breath*

Enough negatives! I'm kind of just randomly writing this post. What is going to pop into my head next? Hmmmm...

Oh! I thought I would give you some random facts about me! Just so you get to know me a little better. If you have any questions fire them at me!

  1. I recently turned 21! I'm not where I wanted to be at 21 and I feel like I've left things too late.
  2. I'm just over 6 feet tall - I dont feel tall (I dont feel short either) I guess 6 foot is average? am i right or wrong?
  3. I have light brown hair (its getting longish at the moment i need to get a cut)
  4. I have alot of french in me
  5. I was kinda a chunky kid but I'm a little more toned now
  6. I love my iphone and any sort of technology
  7. I rent a house with two friends both my age
  8. My parents live close to me and I'm constantly going home
  9. I love to drink and party! Yay its Saturday
  10. I really suck at sharing facts about myself.
Thats it for now......I havent really started commenting on other peoples blogs yet. I'm still getting to know you all. But I have been reading them all.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Morning World!

Yay its Friday!

Yesterday I was caught up in a conversation with three straight guys (who don't know I'm gay) and it was really difficult for me to not feel uncomfortable. They were talking about this article in a Brisbane paper about this Gay resort. It had something to do with the name which the straight guys found intriguing. They were like 'why would you name it something like that, it so obviously implies something'. They kept going on and on about it and while what they were saying wasn't really offensive I just felt uncomfortable.

I know I should of been honest and blah blah blah but rather get defensive and 'out' myself I prefer to just keep my mouth shut. Which is probably just as obvious! But still I felt they were pushing and pushing me to see what I thought and I just smiled politely :) I'm not 100% comfortable with myself just yet.

So thats my random story.

While I have your attention - I also want to send a big shout out to Micky and his blogs check em out here here and here. Micky has been very supportive since I've 'restarted' my blog and I owe him big time :)

And also Sethy who is very familiar with where I live and grew up. He gave me a big shout out on his blog and I just wanted to say thank you!

Last one I promise - Randy - thanks for all your comments. Check out his blog too. Its a great read.

Today I'm sending off my visa application for somewhere in the Globe! Boy about Brisbane might be coming to a city near you! (not for a little while yet though).

Stay tuned


P.S. Im getting my msn going - if you want to add me feel free to its

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Firstly big thank you to Torchy and Sethboyardee for mentioning my blog on their blogs! You guys make my pants tight!

I think I'm up to 12 comments on my first post which is just amazing so thanks guys! Isn't it exciting to get comments? I almost creamed my pants with excitement. I think I'm becoming a comment whore! So thanks for everyone who commented - I used to be one of those people who just reads everyones blogs and never commented so I do appreciate it! I'm gonna start commenting more also.

I'm linking you all on my 'blogs i read' thingy and I'm a bit slow so shoot me! If I've forgotten you or you would like me to link you let me know.

So as I mentioned yesterday on my blog - I quit my job. It was kinda a random thing to do but it felt right, so today I got a call from them and they're like 'we're in meltdown' we need you back blah blah blah. (I finished last week btw) It felt good to felt missed and its funny that I had to quit to actually feel appreciated. So I went in for a few hours today and it made me feel even more confident about my decision to quit! I wish on my last I had of been like 'Up yours bitches!' but Im not that kinda person, although i do picture it in my head and i laugh.

This afternoon I'm gonna hit the gym and chill out! Being unemployed is the great! and the best part of it is i can afford it for like several months!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My second first post

So slap me! I wrote four posts and then never wrote again! Not that anyone was reading my blog - but I should of kept going - I gave up! Meh! So I'm starting from scratch again... its going to be more me rather than what I think people will find interesting. I deleted my old posts (they truly were terrible) and I'm starting again.

So whats new with me you ask? Well I've got alot more free time, I quit my job and now I'm going to work on the things that are important to me.

Just to get things going I thought I should tell you a little bit more about myself. Im recently 21 - I live in Brisbane (for the moment - I'll get to that in another post) I'm gay and dealing with that (I bet no ones heard that story before lol) but I read other peoples blogs and it seems like everyone needs somewhere to let some steam off and I want that.

So this is my second first post! If your reading this - keep following me! or else lol

Later gater