Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Are you feeling the love?

Although I haven't posted in a week I've been having a loving week in blogland. I'm feeling the love you could say.

I got a nice email from Baz and a mention on his blog (which he recently decided to start posting on again FYI)

I've been emailing back and forth over the last few weeks with another guy who lives in Brissy. (Hey Steve :D) It's good to chat to someone who knows Brisbane. (Note to self: Start referring to Brisbane more often).

I also got awesome email from a guy name Graham. I love getting encouraging emails!

Also thanks to google analytics I managed to come accross a few blogs that have linked me. I was also the first follower on two of these blogs. Thats right bitches! You heard it here first! lol I know what its like to get a shoutout when your still getting your blog up and running so go and leave a comment and say hi :D

So please give a warm welcome to:

Late Bloowming Ian

New Beginnings


Thanks for linking me guys!

Also while in google analytics I found that quite a popular blog has linked me. Its really cool I'm not sure what his name is but his blog is called Puntabulous.

So I'm feeling extra loved this week. Thanks ya'll. Also what is going on in blogland. Everyone is talking about this 'gay day' and taking pictures of their desks. WTF?

In other news: I've moved back home. Its good and bad but luckily only temproary.

Love you all



Anonymous said...

Yeah, we've all become desk-fanciers and are jacking off on each others.

Craig said...

My name is Craig :-)

Thanks for the link!

Baz said...

Hey Bambino
Finally got here to comment!

jlo said...

Glad you feel the love just wanted you to know that America loves you and your blog love and hugs

Ian said...

Hi Andrew! Thanks for the link! I didn't want to spam people's blogs with comments hoping they'd link back... I thought I'd just wait around until someone stumbled upon my blog.

Just curious, how did you find it? Or, what were you looking for? Or, what caught your attention about it?

Gauss Jordan said...

Heh, yeah, it's kind of neat seeing locals click into your blog. I know for a fact that there are a few folks that live within a few miles of me that have viewed my blog... but so far, no one's spoken up yet. :-P

Hah. Verification word: "phutism." This needs to be defined.

Andrew said...

@ Micky - lol where are your pictures?

@ Craig - you're most welcome!

@ Baz - :D Baz you always look out for me! Lol @ your spelling correction your emailed me - I don't edit any of my posts! So i guess it will remain a typo FOREVER! :D can anyone spot them?

@ jlo - thanks mate! you are too kind!

@ ian - no problems! The amazing google analytics told me that i was getting hits from your blog and i checked it out (liked what i saw) and thought i would give you a plug (and a link)

@ Gauss - you find it neat but i find it scary! if anyone i knew stubled across my blog it would be easy to put the peices together! i dont really care anymore that i'm 'out'

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the link. Preciate it!

Anonymous said...

Hey mate,
Thanks for following my blog, I hope you are not expeting too much in the way of indepth news rorting. LOL
Catch up with u soon.

Anonymous said...

Well i think its you anyway. LOL
Could be very wrong, if I am