Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I think I'm in crush!

Happy New Years to everyone! I hope 2010 is going to be your year! My new years was pretty boring... actually the entire holiday season was quite boring.. I worked through the whole period including Christmas day and a 15 hour shift on New Years Eve which rolled into New Years day. But I made the most of it and made some good money.

2010 has started off with a bit of a crush which I'm excited about. I'm completely unaware when someone is hitting on me. Probably cause its in a drinking environment and I've had a few too many. But I was just chatting to this random guy who was with a friend who I assumed was his girlfriend and well my friends came and dragged me onto the dancefloor and I thought nothing of it. The odd thing was that I kept bumping into him all night and I still didnt think anything of it until the next day when my friend asked who he was and told me that he kept trying to dance with me. I really don't have alot of evidence but thinking back it feels like maybe he was trying to hit on me.

I didnt even think he was gay not that you can look at someone and tell but I just wasnt getting the vibe. OMG he is so cute and was so sweet to talk to. The good thing is is that I live in a small touristy town and everyone goes to this club on the same night every week and one of my friends said he was there last week also so fingers crossed he's there next week.
*UPDATE* HE IS GAY! I kinda stalked him on facebook.. my bad

So what is everyones New Years resolutions? I wanna have a healthier lifestyle and get out and see some more of the world.


Stephen Chapman... said...

Do we get an update?!

Gauss Jordan said...

I'm curious to know what happened as well. ;-)